James Darkin

Producer | Engineer | Mixer | Programmer

James Darkin 'Chase' (Writer, Producer, Mixer)

James Darkin 'Needle Noise’ (Writer, Producer, Mixer)

Gavin James ‘City Of Stars’ (Recording Engineer, Mixer)

The Murder Capital ‘More Is Less’ (Recording Engineer, Mixer)

Eminem ‘Love The Way You Lie’ ft. Rihanna (Vocal Recording Assistant Engineer)

WOLFF ‘Flesh, Blood, Skin & Bone’ (Recording Engineer, Mixer)

The Black Eyed Peas ‘The Situation’ (Vocal Recording Engineer)

Pursued By Dogs 'Iceland' (Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixer)

Duman ‘Öyle Dertli’ (Recording Engineer)

Seo Linn ‘Óró Sé Do Bheatha Bhaile' (Co-Writer, Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixer)

Funeral Suits ‘The Way Back’ (Mixer)

Chris Haze ‘Say Goodbye’ (Mixer, Mastering)

WOUNDS ‘Flesh Or The Knife’ (Co-Writer, Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixer)

Sub Motion ‘Headlights’ (Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixer)

The Rah’s ‘The Time Is Now’ (Co-Writer, Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixer)

Cry Harridan ‘Can We?’ (Producer, Mixer)

MC Pat Flynn 'Everywhere With You’ (Co-Writer, Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixer, Mastering)

Vulpynes ‘Sublingual’ (Recording Engineer, Mixer)

Peter Vogelaar ‘Take Me With You’ ft. Cat Dowling (Co-Writer, Recording Engineer, Mixer, Mastering)

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